Thursday, 31 December 2015

I Just Want to Squeeze Your B00bs, Bad Girl Exposes Church Guy

I always say it that so called church boys are sometimes badder than street guys, some of you think I was just talking but this "spirit filled" guy who has just been busted will make you understand me better.

This guy, Brother Koyomo, has been forming holy holy, spirit spirit...with pictures on IG but in secret he's desperate to squeeze the breast of a lady who's not his wife. LOL! See the details...

This babe, who is a bad type too with her boobs revealing pics, has been monitoring Brother Koyomo who is an awaiting pastor in church. She tempted him with a photo and 'brother' couldn't remember that he's a 'spirit man'. He confessed on her pic: I JUST WANT TO SQUEEZE YOUR BOOBS.

The bad girl did not waste time, she munched the chat  and expose it for all to see that Brother Koyomo who has been forming born again is not better than her... *Ouch, sorry brother!*



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