Thursday, 31 December 2015

See Why Sean Tizzle Finally Decided To Leave Twitter

Nigerian singer, Sean Tizzle has announced on his twitter page that he is leaving the social media network, and we can tell you why!.....

Tizzle has been the source of a lot of controversy on Twitter in recent times... from saying Omawumi sang a better version of ‘Hello’ than Adele, to his tweet about Nigerian girls and their career list which he said includes being a prostitute. In all these, he has been at the receiving end of a lot of insults... now, he has had enough and finally decided to shut down his account for the seek of peace.

Running away from your problems, will not make them go away Sean Tizzle, and I wish you could stay and face them like a man. Anyway, goodluck and all the best. We will catch up on Instagram and hopefully the trolls don't find their way there. And for those fans, who will miss his tweets, don't worry, Gistaszone will help fill the vacuum... I promise! Hehehe.



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