Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Funny - What Is GOBE?

What is GOBE?
GOBE is when u give a beautiful girl a lift and she faints in your car. You rush her to hospital and when you get there, doctor did test and confirm says she’s pregnant and congratulates you that you are going to be father very soon.
You blanked then scream that you are not the father…the girl scream back that you are the father Before your very eyes things are now getting GOBEFUL…
You asked for a DNA test to prove that you are not the father…Things started getting GOBESTIC when the doctor comes with the result, saying you can not be the father because you are infertile…
You are relieved but on your way home you remember you are married with three kids at home! Now you are extremely GOBECIOUS.
Now, you begin to ask yourself who is the father of those kids…You got home to find out that the gateman is their real father. You are now GOBEDED…..
In a fury, you get to the gate man’s post to challenge him, you found that is he is dead already…. Now you are dangerously GOBEDEFIED. Lmao!!
In a state of confusion, you are thinking of what killed him, when you found out that one of ‘your’ sons put a rat killer into the Gateman’s food which lead to his death. Things have changed to GOBED.
Eventually, you felt a tap on your back saying sweetie, is late already, wake up and take your breakfast, with all this wahala, it was just a dream, your wife waking you up to take the morning breakfast?
Now you are awake to what GOBE can be in real life. Lol!



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