Sunday, 3 January 2016

Woman Who Said Her Nigerian Husband Of 10 Years Cheated On Her Lied

An old Facebook post of Tracy Maginn who granted interviews to international papers days ago claiming her Nigerian husband of 10years left her and their 2 kids in UK to wed another woman in Nigeria last month showed she actually lied. According to Tracy, her husband never told her of the woman and she only got to know of his secret marriage from one of his friends’ wife in Nigeria, but alas Tracy’s 2014 Facebook post showed she and her husband, David Akingbogun, 43, had been having issues since January 2014 and was aware of his plans to re-marry.
Her 2014 Facebook post read;
"As you may notice that i have changed my last name from akingbogun to maginn and that it no longer says married since jan this year my marriage has ended i havent said anything before because i didnt want to accept it if im honest i have to deal with it now as there is clearly no way to save it.
I have made mistakes and have my faults and i accept them i do still love him and he will always be special to me but he fell out of love with me he has told me that he has met someone and wants to re-marry so i will do the right thing and step aside as his wife and give him the freedom he wants to start a new life with her. Continue...
I need to deal with this once and for all accept my marriage has failed and to learn by any mistakes i made and to be there and support my children through it all i have come clean and said all this for him to know that he can now be free to introduce her to his family and friends and that he is free from me.

I am not a nasty person and i hope that from all of this we can as parents do what is right by our children and work together to do what is right by them there that is it all outbin the open so that he can move on with his new life and so that i can focus on making myself a better person and being the very best parent i can to my children as they need me and i need them."



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